Prague Coffee Festival

| by Virgina, Cafe Manager

Absolute Abode’s talented Head Barista Vendy, travelled to Prague, Czech Republic at the end of May to attend ‘CoLab’ an international coffee conference hosted by the Barista Guild of Europe.

About 70 leading Barista’s from all across Europe and the US gathered in Prague to discuss new innovations in the coffee industry on an international scale, sharing their experiential knowledge from their respective cities across the globe.

Chahan Yeretzian, a researcher from the Applied University of Zurich and Christopher Hendon from the University of Bath, UK, discussed topics such as the impact of soft vs. hard water on green coffee beans and how to manage this within a café. Other presenters included Erna Tosbery from Roestbar in Munster, Germany and Joanna Alm from Drop Coffee in Stockholm, Sweden.

Spending time within the city was also inspiring for Vendy. Having been quite familiar with Prague, she has been impressed with the cities recent influx of independent ‘London-style’ coffee shops gracing the streets. Among her favourites include EMA espresso bar ( and Můj šálek káv (

At absolute abode, we brew exceptional artisan coffee from Alchemy, based in South Wimbledon. Aside from the name of our coffee supplier, Alchemy is also the ancient practice of transforming metals into gold or to search for the elixir of life which has a strong connection to Prague. During the reign of Emperor Rudolf II, Prague was the European centre of alchemy. We like to think our coffees are brewed with the magic of this ancient tradition and infact, one of our espresso blends is called Elixir.

So please stop by and have a chat with Vendy about Prague and order your very own Elixir, beautifully decorated with latte art.